Welcome to Sentrex Inc !

Who we are  

Sentrex Inc. is a USA based company that specializes in custom solutions for international commerce.
What we do  

Procurement, logistics and financing for importers of commercial shipments.
Sentrex Inc is in a position of coordination to provide the best cost-effective solution to its customers. We invoice customers and ship directly from manufacturers so there is no unnecessary cost with logistics. Direct shipments also enable a relation of transparency because the customers know exactly who the manufacturers are and vice versa.
Customs clearing is always tricky. In some countries, a small detail in paperwork can result in delays, fines, and expensive fees. Sentrex Inc., with years of experience in international commerce, ensures your import documents are in perfect order for customs.
Who our customers are

A large part of Sentrex Inc.'s customer base is in Brazil, Latin America´s largest economy. Trust is the key word with our relations. Most of our customers have become long term partners and Sentrex Inc. has been able to successfully expand their import portfolio by introducing new products and suppliers.

Customers include companies from several different segments such as online stores, outdoor signage companies, and distributors. Our relationship begins with understanding the customer’s needs. The second step is procurement and supplier qualification, and then the import process begins.

This focus on the customer enabled Sentrex Inc. to succeed with products from diverse areas such as visual communication signage, aquarium equipment, printing materials, and more.

Our Mission 

To develop long term relationship with customers and suppliers by understanding their needs and providing a quality service at reasonable prices.


1232 Choptank Road - Middletown DE 19709 USA 

ph +1 (302) 387-0026 - info@sentrexinc.com